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Yukon Amateur Radio Association (YARA) masthead

Photo: Dec 1 - David VY1XY organized YARA volunteers to help with the Salvation Army "kettle" this year. (click on photo for larger image)
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All repeaters in Yukon require a 100Hz Tone to be activated.

Daily 2 Meter Emergency Preparedness Net - 7:00pm Pacific Time
146.880 (Whitehorse)

  • APRS - position & txt msg
  • 144.390 More info
  • IRLP - Whitehorse, VY1IRL
  • 146.880 (100) node: 1500
  • IRLP - Haines Junction, VY1RPM
  • 146.880 node: 1662
  • IRLP - Dawson City
  • 146.580 (100) node: 1898
  • EchoLink, Whitehorse, VY1CC-R
  • 146.880 node: 836865
  • D-Star - Whitehorse, (Usually "C" Node)
  • 146.840MHz -0.600 More frequencies
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    Meetings: 1st Monday of the month, 7:00 pm, EMO Building, 60 Norseman Road, Whitehorse Airport
    Coffee discussion group: every Saturday 8:45 am, A&W, 2nd Ave, Whitehorse
    Yukon Solutions - an informal discussion group on radio topics. See Contacts Page at bottom of page to sign up
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    Get your radio licence. Radio Courses Page