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Photos: Winter communications exercise, Jan 2017. Photo credit John VY1JY, Click to enlarge


Photos: Canada Day 2015, credit Ron VY1RM, Click to enlarge


New Fire Hall
New firehall, Firefighter Paul Installing rotor - Ron, VY1RM

Klondike Bike race 2010            Mt Panacea 2010            Mt Panacea 2010


Pilot Mtn 2010             SAR Training 2010           Pilot Mtn 2010


Chikat repeater site            Mt Panacea - 2010            Heackel Hill 2008


Pilot Mountain Comshel            Chikat Bike Relay 2007            Mt Decoli - with Hellipup


Bennett Mountain             Mt Decoli 2007            Pilot Mountain Rescue 2007



Horsecamp Hill - near Beaver Creek             Events - Chikat Bike Relay 2007            Hayes Peak 2010


Repeater Site Photos