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YARA Repeaters - Highway Coverage

(A pdf version of this list for printing is available Here )

YARA maintains a wide area network of voice repeaters to cover Whitehorse, Beaver Creek, Carcross, Dawson City, Faro, Haines Junction, Johnson's Crossing, Stewart Crossing, and Watson Lake in Yukon as well as Bennett and Atlin in British Columbia, and along most highways between the communities. Juneau, Haines, and Skagway in Alaska can also connect to this wide area network. You can print a map of the entire system of repeater coverage along the highways.

All repeaters in Yukon require a 100Hz Tone to be activated.

All highway KM markers increase from south to north or east to west unless otherwise stated.

The NO COVERAGE designation does not mean a total lack of coverage. The repeaters may work beyond the listed points but the coverage will be spotty (hilltops usually) and the signal very noisy.

Alaska Highway (Hwy 1)

The linked repeater system now provides 759 km (470 miles) of continuous Alaska Highway coverage. The coverage will be approximately 1,076 km (650+ miles)!

147.06+Watson Lake (KM 1008) to Logjam Creek (KM 1210). Note that this a stand-alone repeater and does not connect to the network.
147.06+Swift River, through Teslin, past Johnson's Crossing to Jakes Corner (Alaska Highway and Atlin Road Junction)
146.82-Squanga Lake to the Caribou RV Park, near the junction of the Alaska Highway and Carcross Road (Highway 2 South)
146.88-Whitehorse area, south to Jakes Corner, west to Takhini River Crossing, north to Lake Lebarge (not linked to network, also handles IRLP)
146.94-Whitehorse, south-east toward's to the Yukon River bridge, and west to Mendenhall. It is very sporadic on the Alaska Highway around Marsh Lake (KM 1550).
146.82 Alaska Highway west from the Kusawa Lake turnoff to Haines Junction, Destruction Bay, and Burwash Landing and northwest to the Donjek River
146.52Beaver Creek (Horsecamp Hill) Remote Base - Donject River to Alaska just across the Canadian-US border
See Arctic Amateur Radio Club .The Northway Junction Alaska repeater (103.5 PL) can be used from Snag Junction (KM 1913) north into Alaska. Be aware that you may still "hear" the Mt. Decoli repeater (146.82) on the same frequency and this may cause noisy interference on receive.

Klondike Highway (Hwy 2)

Full coverage on the South Klondike Highway and most of the North Klondike Highway

146.52 simplexSkagway to Canada Customs (Remote base and simplex)
147.24+ US/Canada border to Bove Island pull out, Carcross to Emerald Lake, but poor quality.
146.82-BC/Yukon border to Carcross and north to Carcross Desert. Also covers Tagish Road (Hwy 8) from Carcross to Jakes Corner
146.88-Annie Lake Road to Whitehorse, to Lake Labarge turnoff (also, handles IRLP. Not Linked to the network, Whitehorse area only.)
Coverage between Carcross Desert and Annie Lake Rd is very sporadic. You will need to try 146.82 , 147.24 or 146.88
146.94-Annie Lake Road to Braeburn (greater Whitehorse area)
146.82-Braeburn Lake to 10 km south of Pelly Crossing (KM 450). There is bit of a dead area around Pelly Crossing
146.82-10 km north of Pelly Crossing, west to Dempster Highway Junction (KM 678), including Stewart Crossing, and east to Mayo
146.52 Simplex Dawson City including from Dempster Highway to Dawson, to Clinton Creek turnoff (Remote base connected to repeater system)

Haines Highway (Hwy 3)

146.940Haines, AK - Chilly Ridge, connected to Yukon network
146.52 Simplex Haines (from the drop north of Skagway, but it has limited coverage up the Haines Highway)
146.82-Alaska/BC border to BC/Yukon border
147.06From Chilkat Pass to Kathleen Lake
146.82-Dezadeash Lake to Haines Jct.
146.82-Haines Jct.

Juneau, AK

147.360 + offsetJuneau (from Eagle-Crest), connects to Yukon repeater system

Robert Campbell Highway (Hwy 4)

147.06+Watson Lake, to Km 50
NO COVERAGE from KM 50 to Findlayson Lake
146.52-Finlayson Lake (including Ross River) to Faro
146.82-Ross River to Little Salmon Lake
146.82-Little Salmon Lake to Carmacks

Dempster Highway (Hwy 5)

NO COVERAGE except lower 20 KM on 146.52-.

Canol Road (Hwy 6)

147.06+Johnson's Crossing (KM 0) to Quiet Lake?
NO COVERAGE from Quiet Lake to Lapie Lakes
146.52-Lapie Lakes (including Ross River) to Jackfish Lake. Note: as an alternative, most of this is also covered by 146.82.
NO COVERAGE from Ross River to YT/NWT Border (KM 463)

Atlin Road (Hwy 7)

147.36+Atlin area north to Mt Minto and Jakes Corner (Linked to the repeater system)
146.82- & 147.06+ Sporadic coverage from the BC/Yukon border to Jakes Corner on these frequencies

Tagish Road (Hwy 8)

146.82- Jake's Corner (KM 0) to Carcross (KM 55).

Dawson Boundary Road (Hwy 9)
(Top of the World Highway)

146.52From Dawson almost to the US/ Canada Border
146.94- (103.5 PL)The Alaskan side of the border is covered by the repeater in Eagle. This repeater may cover some of the Canadian side of the border as well. This has NOT been tested to our knowledge, let VY1SW or VY1RF know if you can work this repeater in Canada

Nahanni Range Road (Hwy 10)

NO COVERAGE on the Nahanni Range Road.

Silver Trail (Hwy 11)

The KM markings go from west to east on this road!
146.82+Stewart Crossing (KM 0) to Mayo Flight Strip (KM 55) including Mayo.
146.94-Mayo to Keno (KM 111)